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Arora Hotels Corporate Social Responsibility

At Arora, we recognise the importance of providing for the needs of the present, without compromising the sustainability of the world around us. Sustainability is about understanding the environmental impact we make, whilst enhancing the lives of our guests, our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Our approach is focused on holistic and measureable integration of our social responsibility in order to drive economic, cultural and social value. These values are cascaded throughout the organisation and guide our thinking and actions.

If you would like a copy of the CSR policy at Arora Hotels, please contact us at PublicRelations@arorahotels.com

The environment

At Arora, we continually seek to improve our environmental performance and are fully committed to ensuring that our business activities are effectively managed to reduce the consumption of energy, raw materials and the production of waste and harmful emissions:

In order to achieve this objective, we see the following areas as being critical to our success:

  • The continued training of our staff on environmental issues to maintain the ‘green’ culture that we have strived to create,
  • The support of our ‘Green Teams’ based in each hotel consisting of Management & Staff from all departments who meet monthly to monitor progress and identify new ways that performance can be further improved,
  • The continued investment in water saving technologies such as flow management devices, rainwater harvesting and ‘food waste to water’ conversion equipment to reduce landfill,
  • The continued investment in energy saving technologies such as Variable Speed Drives, Voltage Optimisation, Low Solar Gain windows and Energy Building Management Systems,
  • The continued investment in low energy / high efficiency lighting controlled by occupancy sensors and time switches,
  • Electronic Room Controllers to switch off lighting and air conditioning in unoccupied rooms,
  • Air handling systems with air-to-air heat exchangers that reclaim heat from expelled air,
  • The continued investment in Combined Heat & Power plant,
  • The continued recycling of all waste through ‘state of the art’ Waste Recovery Centres,
  • The continued investment in Sub Metering of hotel areas to assist with monitoring and targeting of further reductions,
  • Continuing to carry out annual Environmental Audits of our hotels to ensure compliance with our environmental policy and to measure our success,
  • Maintaining our commitment to the Hospitable Climate programme in conjunction with IOH and Carbon Trust,
  • Construction projects that are focused on sustainable building design and operations,
  • Encouraging our suppliers to use bio-diesel in their delivery vehicles,
  • Encouraging our suppliers to make ‘palletised drops’ where possible to reduce the amount of cardboard / packaging waste,
  • Operating a local wholesale purchase strategy in our catering areas, wherever possible, which incurs less ‘food miles’ versus that of a central distribution purchasing strategy,
  • Aggregating our food purchase supply chain with other hotel owners and operators to reduce ‘food miles’,
  • Continually featuring seasonal, locally sourced and organic ingredients on our menus where possible to reduce ‘food miles’,
  • Continually featuring bio-dynamic and organic wines on our wine lists,
  • Continually featuring fairly traded items on our menus, but only if we are certain there is a real benefit to the farmer,
  • Adopting a ‘Day 1 for Day 3’ ordering policy with our suppliers wherever possible which increases the average drop size of deliveries, but reduces delivery frequency and therefore ‘food miles'.

The foregoing initiatives resulted in an initial 15% reduction in our overall utility consumption and we are confident of achieving further successes in the years ahead.

Corporate Citizenship

We take our Corporate Citizenship and integration with the local communities in which we operate very seriously at Arora. Our CSR takes a variety of forms, summarised as follows:

Charitable activities

  • Dreamflight: the British Airways charity for terminally ill children whereby Arora supplies employees as accompanying hosts on special flights to Florida, in addition to providing donations,
  • Prostate Cancer UK: Fundraising campaign throughout the Arora portfolio of hotels to raise Prostate Cancer awareness (March 2009),
  • BA Fun Run in aid of Cancer Research UK
  • Fundraising activities/support St. Katherine’s Hospice, Crawley
  • Various corporate charity donations, including Breast Cancer, The Lord Mayor’s Appeal etc.


  • Arora Human Resources Director is a Governor of Uxbridge College,
  • Hosting of the Annual ‘Kica’ (‘Kids In Care') Awards celebration for Hillingdon Borough Council at Sofitel London Heathrow (July 2009),
  • Hosting of the Graffiti Annual Awards Event at Sofitel London Heathrow,
  • Hosting of the BAA Annual Charity Dinner in aid of the Marie Curie Cancer Foundation at Sofitel London Heathrow,
  • Work Experience placements in all our hotels,
  • Hosting of the Older Peoples Christmas Lunches for Hillingdon and surrounding areas, through Hillingdon Borough Council at Arora International Heathrow,
  • Surinder Arora is a Life Patron of the Springboard Charity supporting employment in the Hospitality Industry. Arora are also corporate Ambassadors of Springboard, promoting careers in the sector,
  • Surinder Arora is on the Board of West London Working (LDA) and the London Skills and Employment Board,
  • Sponsorship of the Royal Holloway College ‘Arora Awards’ and Arora’s Den’ to encourage and promote entrepreneurship.


  • Company Patron of the Institute of Hospitality,
  • Chairman, Managing Director and Executive Director are all Fellows of the Institute of Hospitality,
  • Elected Council Member/Trustee of the Institute of Hospitality,
  • Membership of the British Hospitality Association.

The Arts

  • Hosting of ‘Art at The Arora’ – a gala dinner and showcase at the Arora International Gatwick/Crawley for budding artists in the Sussex region,
  • Corporate, membership of Arts & Business.

Business Networks

  • Membership of West London Business Chamber of Commerce,
  • Membership (and past Chairmanship) of the Local Economy Action Group – a strategic partnership initiative with Crawley Borough Council,
  • Non Executive Directorship of The Gatwick Diamond Initiative – the regional enterprise zone,
  • Chairmanship of the Marketing & Communications Group of the Gatwick Diamond Initiative,
  • Premier membership of Sussex Enterprise,
  • Council Member of CADIA – the Gatwick Diamond Business Association,
  • Membership of Crawley Chamber of Commerce,
  • Membership of Marketing Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

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